• Negative Emission Technologies

    The new Negative Emissions Technologies FactBook summarizes the status of NETs and their prospects, lists the main technological hurdles and principal areas for research and development, and analyzes the economics of this space.

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  • Wind Power

    The new "Wind Power" FactBook seeks to summarize the status of the wind industry and its prospects, list the main technological hurdles and principal areas for research and development, and to analyze the economics of this technology.

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  • Energy Poverty

    Energy poverty means a lack of basic needs, profound inequality and economic stagnation. How do we go from challenges to opportunities?

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  • Electricity Storage

    Electricity storage, essential to the development of renewable energy and electric vehicles, and at the heart of the global energy transition, continues to gain momentum globally.

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  • Solar Photovoltaic

    Are sunny days ahead? The A.T. Kearney Energy Transition Institute launches new FactBook on solar PV.

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  • Carbon Capture & Storage

    Updated FactBook on Carbon Capture and Storage reflects the latest changes in the technology landscape.

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  • Climate Change FactBook

    Prepared ahead of the COP 21 meeting held in Paris in December 2015, this climate change FactBook collates academic peer-reviewed content covering the scientific facts regarding climate change.

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  • Smart Grids (Introduction) FactBook

    New FactBook entitled “Introduction to Smart Grids” provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of modernized electricity networks for non-specialists.

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  • Gas Hydrates

    Presents the future and potential of gas hydrates, a new frontier in unconventional gas development.

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  • Hydrogen-based Energy Conversion FactBook

    Details the role of hydrogen in the energy system and the value of hydrogen-based energy storage and conversion.

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Read our new FactBook on wind power.

Wind Power

Hazards ahead for battery electric vehicles.

Natural Resources and CO2



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